I am a mom of four and have been married for ten years to my high school sweetheart.  I'm a hopeless romantic, goofy, genuine but sarcastic and creative type-A perfectionist (is that possible?!) All four of our children are named after cities, and no, we haven't been to any of them!  But, we hope to!  

Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I am so thankful to be able to share that love with my clients. I have had the opportunity of being taught by some of the best college professors in the Midwest and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Photographic Technology.  I learned a lot about how a camera works and how to use natural light, lighting equipment and even learned how to create composite photos.  My education experience not only allowed me to learn many different techniques in photography --old and new-- but also allowed me to grow and form friendships with many other local photographers and even a couple graphic designers!  I am a perfectionist when it comes to the technical aspect of photography.  Understanding how my camera works in certain situations allows me to focus on capturing my favorite candid moments with ease.  Whispers and giggles, dancing and twirling, stolen kisses and belly laughs...those are my moments!  


I love to learn and live by the belief that everyone you meet has something to offer...something that is unique to them.  We all have fears, goals, and things that make us happy-- and I love to emphasize all that makes a person who they are in my photographs.  


I don't specialize in traditional portraiture

I specialize in archiving stories and souls

capturing memories & creating photographs

that will last you generations

I love being a photographer because I have the ability to take a moment and preserve it forever. You often forget moments throughout your life, and I feel it is my job as a photographer to capture those moments and make them a piece of your life that you can revisit whenever you wish.  


Let's work together to capture your story!


Since I will learn about you when you book with me, here's a list of some of my favorite things...I'm sure we have something in common!

-my family (my husband Jerry and our four kids)

-hot sauce (yes, I put that sh*t on everything)

-pizza (jalapenos and mild peppers, please!!)

-coffee (the triple bourbon latte from Milan Coffee works is my FAVORITE!)

-Local Craft Breweries (my husband and I often host our own flight nights... favorites currently are brews from Vivant Brewery and New Holland Brewery)

-Kit-Kats (who am I kidding, I love all candy)

....hmm.... I swear, I'm not obsessed with food. ha.

-US Navy Blue Angels (or any aircraft!! I would be a pilot hands down if I weren't busy being a photographer..although my favorite airplane is a P-51 Mustang) 

-channeling my inner pinterest sister with a side of Joanna Gaines by journaling, painting and designing my home, and building with wood (carpentry?? My husband actually built our own kitchen table, kitchen island, AND queen bed!)

-running or any general exercise outside, I love the sunshine! (do gardening and working outside count as outside exercise?)



Ok...ok... enough about the things that make me happy....let's chat and capture you and all that you love!