Welcome to CMPedu!


What is CMPedu

In the age of digital cameras and iPhones, there is no shortage of photographers.  Most households have at least one digital camera, aside from a smartphone, but may not be getting the best photos from it.  Digital cameras are relatively simple to work once you figure out how to create a well exposed and captured image!  I have decided to share my knowledge with all of my subscribers because everyone deserves great photos.  


What will you share on CMPedu?

I hope to share various tips and techniques on how to capture different types of photos including: portraits, sports, landscape, flash, night photography and even some others.  I am also skilled in editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop.  Do you have something you'd like to learn?  Send me an email!  


How do I follow CMPedu?

I will be using my blog for CMPedu posts.  You can view my blog here.


Can I sign up for mentoring?

Yes!  I love to share my knowledge and know-how!  I am able to meet in person or video conference with screen sharing.


Sessions include individual mentoring with Charlotte regarding any number of photography topics you want to learn about-- customize your session based on what you'd like to learn!  Clients must provide a list of topics inquiring about prior to mentoring session date.  Each session will involve instruction, shooting, and critique on images.  
Some topic options include (but are not limited to): 

basic camera functions (client must have a full manual capabilities camera, film or digital)


shooting techniques


light manipulation (flash, natural light, reflectors)




sessions can be broken up by hour increments on a weekly/biweekly basis or can be completed in one day

sessions can be done as a group (up to 8 people) to save on pricing per person!


2 hours -- $250

4 hours -- $500

6 hours -- $750


**Need a Girls/Guys Night In Idea?  Host a Photography Workshop for $275!!**

up to 6 people

3 hours of instruction, shooting and critique


Please contact for a complete guide on pricing of mentoring session

Mentoring session date will be held for 1 week from the time of inquiry.  Deposit and signed agreement required for reserving mentoring date.  If rescheduling is necessary, client may reschedule within two weeks of original date.  

To book a mentoring session, please visit my contact page.  

I will be sharing my CMPedu tips on my blog.  Follow my blog to receive instant updates whenever I post!