Charlotte Manning Photography | CMP PHOTO SERIES | Print That Photo PART 3

CMP PHOTO SERIES | Print That Photo PART 3

October 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have decided to do a three part series on printing images and why you should do it!  I often feel like I have to justify my reasoning for including prints and print credits in each of my collections, and so I decided a photo series/blog would explain why I want people to have photos, why I print my photos.  

Here is the first and second parts of the series on why you should Print That Photo.



I wanted to spend this last part talking more about prints and labs and sizes-- all the details.  

This series has been about why you should print your photos.  I hope I have helped in persuading you to do just that and you're ready to order some of your images!  Now, when it comes time to order, sometimes clients are unsure on what size to print.  I have created a print size comparison to help make that a bit easier which you can see below.  

Also, here are my favorite sizes to print:

           WALL:  11x14

           TABLETOP: 8x10 and 5x7

You can see the full print size comparison in one of my previous blog posts here.  


Now, I was to take it one step further and say, print your photos WITH ME.  Here's why...

You work hard on coordinating outfits and looking your best.  Putting your best face forward.  I work hard on posing, lighting, and editing.  You pay me to give you great photographs!  There is no reason for all of that personal and monetary investment to go to waste when you decide to print images at a lab that doesn't print them correctly (or leave them on a hard drive if you still haven't printed your photos yet).  

This is why, as many of you know, I require print orders before I release digital downloads or send out a USB.  The requirement is small in comparison to the investment of the session, but I insist that all of my clients have at least a couple beautifully printed photographs.  I say that and some may wonder, why can't I print where I want to?!  

Let's set it up this way... say you have a car that needs a battery and has four flat tires.  So, you take it to a shop and get a new battery.  Then, to save money you decide to leave the flat tires.  Why?  Well, to save money and technically it runs, right?  It can go slow, right?  No, of course not.  You have to invest on every aspect to have a safe driving vehicle right?  Okay, maybe my analogies are kind of lame, but you get the idea.  If you are going to invest in a professional photography session, then you need to print your images beautifully.  No sense in leaving them on a hard drive or low-quality printing them.  You won't like them, I won't like them, no one will like them...don't sabotage your investment!  

I, just like you, want the photograph printed just as you prepared for and I created-- all the vibrant colors and all the details..  I don't want you to take the images and get a second rate print when you develop them at Walmart or Snapfish.  I know for a fact that they will come back off color, not as sharp and not nearly as high quality as my labs.  Not only that, but just as I stand behind every session and my images, I also stand behind every print and product I offer on my galleries-- if you are unhappy, let's make it right!  I can't do anything about the images you print somewhere else, and you often get what you pay for.  Also, the images you print as a lesser lab also represent ME, and MY work and business.  I cringe at the thought of horribly printed Walmart images being shown with my name attached.  

But don't worry, I have a solution... or a couple!  Here's a little bit of my personal experience with cheaper labs:  Snapfish prints a bit green or pink.  Shutterfly prints a bit washed out and yellow.  Sam's club prints very yellow and darker.  You get the idea...  First and foremost, I strongly encourage you to order from my gallery.  I offer credits and/or coupon codes with each gallery to help make this more affordable.  But, let's say your session was awhile ago, coupons were used or you just want to quickly print more... you can go to and print!  They are a reputable consumer lab that will, at the very least, print better than most of the cheaper ones.  


Photographs capture the spirit of its subject.  Photographs preserve a memory.  Photographs can be handed down throughout generations.  Photographs serve as a token for a free ride back in time, and allow for sweet conversations with loved ones as they remember.  Photographs are the final product of your session, not something to skimp on.  




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