Charlotte Manning Photography | Air Zoo -- Portage Michigan

Air Zoo -- Portage Michigan

April 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The other day, my son asked me what my favorite possession was... it took awhile for him to realize my answer couldn't be hims and his sisters, since I do not possess them. I love them dearly, but they are not my possessions.  ANYWAY, once that was cleared up, he guess "airplanes?"  Well, again, I unfortunately I do not possess any airplanes haha.  However, he knows me well enough to know that next up was my camera!  That instance really made me giggle, and it fits perfectly with my latest blog post!  A couple of weeks ago, my family and I went to Portage Michigan to visit the Air Zoo!  Here are some of my favorite shots!!  I have a special affinity for the badges or "insignia" on the fuselages and tail-- as you will see on my photos.  

This was an AMAZING experience, and fun for the whole family.  I encourage anyone who loves airplanes (or even space, or war history) to check it out!  I loved the atmosphere; while it was low-light in many situations, their spotlights made for very fun images!





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